Monday, June 24

Why Individuals Who Take Vitamin B Each Morning Have A Quicker Metabolism



Your metabolism is the system inside your body that breaks down the food you eat into energy, which supports the various functions needed for survival. The speed and effectiveness of your metabolism can directly impact your body, especially your ability to lose weight. People who struggle with weight gain are often on the lookout for ways to speed up their metabolism, which is impacted most heavily by the food you eat. B Vitamins have been shown to improve metabolic function, but what exactly about them makes this so? 

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“B vitamins are water soluble vitamins that help the body function and help our hormones to do their jobs,” says Jamie Feit, MS, RD, and expert at Your hormone levels can directly impact your weight as well. Everything from fat storage to caloric expenditure are controlled by the hormones in your body, so making sure they are supported through proper nutrition is essential….


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