Monday, June 24

Vegan deli meats pop up in Poughkeepsie



A “Shark Tank” contender and daughter of a deli owner has launched plant-based deli slices, riding a meatless product wave that also caters to carnivores. 

Plant-based eating is having a moment. High-end restaurants like Eleven Madison Park in New York City have gone meatless, as have dining spots all over the Hudson Valley — now even in the deli aisle. 

While there is a fair share of kale salad with creamy avocado dressing available (looking at you, Karma Road!), not everything plant-based is exclusively considered health food. New fast food joint Moon Burger in Kingston turns out oat milk milkshakes and plant-based cheeseburgers to a line of cars waiting to drive through and snag them.

But what about the home cook? For plant-based foodies wanting to make meals at home, especially sandwiches, Unreal Deli is a standout newcomer to the area with reality show ties (more on that in a minute). 

The brand’s corn’d…


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