Monday, June 24

The Greatest Cookbooks of 2021



Even those of us who enjoy cooking go through periods where we feel uninspired by our usual rotation of recipes. But nothing snaps you out of a cooking funk quite like the thrill of a brand-new cookbook. Hundreds of cooking guides hit bookshelves this year, each of them a testament to the exciting-if-you-let-it-be art of cooking at home. And some stood out above the rest, with recipes that delivered on ease, creativity and, of course, flavor, while promising a glimpse of the cooks we can be if we just crack open the right book. Here are 14 cookbooks out of the dozens we tested that stood out to the team at New York Times Food and Cooking — not just our editors and columnists, but members of our product, audience and engineering teams as well. Together, these guides represent the best of what cookbooks can be and, yes, they’re guaranteed to inspire. NIKITA RICHARDSON

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