Monday, June 24

Spectrum Medical Inc. Publicizes U.S. Distribution Partnership for Acon…



The test combines ease of use and affordability giving the everyday consumer greater access to vital testing supplies. To date, over-the-counter rapid antigen tests have been in extremely short supply and costly to the everyday consumer. Along with many of the Federal Pharmacy partners, Spectrum Medical is looking to help double the supply of at-home rapid tests available in the United States.

Virtual Covid Testing Services for Corporations – Spectrum Medical Inc. developed a proprietary testing solution that enables A.) employees to securely and safely test within the comforts of their own homes and B.) HR and Health & Safety departments to have 24/7 real-time visibility into testing results.

This particular service enables businesses of all sizes to stay in compliance with the OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard.

About Spectrum Medical  – Founded in 1983 Spectrum Medical is a Medicare accredited and FDA approved healthcare supplier with over 36 years of experience based in Silver…


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