Monday, June 24

Joe Bastianich’s Transformation Is Severely Turning Heads



Even just a quick peek at Joe Bastianich’s Instagram makes it abundantly clear that, in addition to food, he is also devoted to music — it’s even in his bio. It all started, he has said, with a gift from his grandmother, who bought him his first guitar. He’s been writing songs and performing live ever since, regularly jamming onstage in New York City. He has said that it’s music — as opposed to cooking or his restaurants — that reflects him the most. “When you’re writing music you really have to be introspective and you have to let your real emotions come out,” he reflected. “The music best represents who I am as a person more than anything else.”

Recently, as the country slowly emerged from lockdown, he penned a song called, “One City Man,” which he says encompasses both the pain and anger caused by the pandemic as well as a sense of hopefulness as people attempt to rebuild and recover. It’s also a love letter to his Manhattan hometown. Describing his writing process,…


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