Monday, June 24

How does guardian revenue have an effect on a toddler’s food plan? It is sophisticated



The mom who lives in the $2 million house, the mom who is raising her kids in poverty — and the women in socioeconomic classes in between — all agree on what a healthy diet for their children should be.

Sociologist Priya Fielding-Singh talked to them at length, embedding herself with families of different incomes for months and observing the choices that went into feeding their kids.

What she found was eye opening. An unhealthy diet is the No. 1 contributor to mortality in the U.S., and there is a significant gap in diet quality between richer and poorer Americans — known as nutritional inequality — but the reasons why are more complex than people realize, she said.

“I can’t overstate just how incorrect this misconception is that low-income parents don’t know what a healthy diet is,” Fielding-Singh told TODAY.

“No mother told me that she thought soda and fast food were healthy choices for her children, and almost every mother agreed that fruits and vegetables were the…


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